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Ambassador Program

We’re looking for active, eco-conscious, outdoor-bound ambassadors to help us spread our mission, inspire others to #escapeoften, and most importantly, help us plant more trees!

If you align with our mission and think you can help us by letting others know about us and what we do, we’d be thrilled to work with you.


  • Get a 20% discount for life
  • Be featured in our social media, lookbook and Journal
  • Be paid 10% of sales
  • Free products and bonuses for successful ambassadors
  • Free access to our email series on how to succeed with the program
  • Help us plant trees


  • Collaborate with us in special promotions and posts
  • Share our mission on social media and in your community
  • Promote our brand and eco-friendly values
  • Participate in our contests and missions to win extra perks

Here is what happens after you fill in your info and join the program:

  1. We create a 20% off coupon code just for you so you can get anything on the store. These will be the items that you will be featured on our page promoting
  2. Once you use the 20% coupon, we create a 15% off custom coupon code which you can share with everyone
  3. You promote our brand with your friends and followers using the items you got in step 1 with the coupon in step 2. We will repost your picture and link to your account to maximize the reach
  4. The people that use your coupon get 15% off
  5. Whenever someone uses your coupon, you receive a 10% commission of the amount of the purchase. The more people using your coupon, the more you earn and the more trees we plant.
  6. On top of that, for every 5 orders you bring in we will send you a free shirt of your choice

It’s very simple and straightforward, you get paid real money for helping us promote our brand and you help us plant trees in the process. All you need to start with the program is an active Instagram account and a PayPal account so we can send you your commissions.

If you are ready to start with the program and help us plant more trees, fill in your info below and we will send you the 20% coupon to get started.

If you have any questions or concerns make sure you read our FAQs section and our Terms & Conditions below. Feel free to contact us at hello@ninthproject.com or chat with us.

*Make sure you enter the correct email address, we’ll send you the coupon there. In case you don’t get it in a couple of minutes please check your spam and/or junk folder.

Ambassador Program FAQs

Can I get free products before I start?

Unfortunately, no. Our Ambassador Program works as stated above and every Ambassador needs to use the 20% off coupon we create for them to start with the program (You are going to buy clothes somewhere anyways, you might as well do it with a discount and for an opportunity). Our Ambassador Program has been carefully crafted to make sure our Ambassadors are enthusiastic people ready to partner with us and earn their fair share. We do send free shirts to our Ambassadors for every 5 orders they bring in.

Will you help me promote the brand?

Of course. We will repost your pics with our products to our social channels (make sure you tag us and include your coupon in the captions). We will also add you to our email with tips that our Ambassadors use to be successful with the program. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have at hello@ninthproject.com we are fully committed to this partnership because your success is our success.

How will I know someone used my coupon?

We will send you a report everytime someone uses your coupon and we will include the amount owed to you.

When do I get paid?

We issue payment after the order with your coupon has been shipped (normally 3-5 business days). If the order is cancelled by our customer before it ships you won’t be paid.

Can I use the 20% off coupon more than once?

Absolutely. As an ambassador, you get 20% off of everything for life.

Is the Ambassador Program exclusive?

No. Our program is not exclusive and you can work with any other company you choose. Just keep in mind that the success of this program relies on your word-of-mouth so make sure you let everyone know about your special discount coupon.



The Brand Ambassador Agreement (“Agreement”) hereby presented is subscribed by the Brand Ambassador (“Ambassador”) and The Ninth Project (“Company”) to declare the mutual benefits entitled in this document.

1. The Company will create a 20% off coupon that the Ambassador will use to purchase products* from ninthproject.com (“Online Store”). The Ambassador will use these products to review them and create posts to be shared within the Ambassador’s social networks. The Company will repost these posts in its own social networks to maximize exposure.

2. The Company will issue a 15% off coupon especially tailored for the Ambassador which the Ambassador can share with as many people as he/she chooses. For every time the coupon is used to purchase from the Online Store, the Company will pay the Ambassador 10% of the retail price of the purchase.* Payment will be issued after the purchase is shipped (usually 3 to 5 business days) and will be transferred to the PayPal account that the Ambassador indicates.

3. The Ambassador acknowledges that the Company will share the pictures that the Ambassador took for the specific purpose of promoting the Company in its social networks and website at the Company’s discretion. The Ambassador will remain as the sole owner of every picture taken by the Ambassador.

4. The Ambassador acknowledges that all images and materials taken from the Online Store are copyrighted and owned by the Company for all purposes.

5. The Ambassador may use the discount code for his/her own purchases to get 15% off but will not be paid for those purchases.

6. For every five (5) times the Ambassador’s coupon is used on successfully fulfilled orders, the Company will send the Ambassador a shirt of his/her choice free of charge.*

7. This Agreement is valid for 8 months after the date the Ambassador subscribed to it and will be subject of renovation/change after said period.

*Shipping cost not included

Both parties, the Company and the Ambassador, subscribe to this agreement willingly, fully understanding its terms and in good faith for mutual benefit.


The Ninth Project

Premium apparel and accessories for hikers and people who love the mountain and adventure. We plant a tree with every order


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The Ninth Project

Premium apparel and accessories for hikers and people who love the mountain and adventure. We plant a tree with every order